25 Apr Business Catering Food Delivery in Milano

Business Catering Food Delivery in Milano


Pocket Lunch

We offer Pocket Lunch exclusively in single packs with disposable tableware. Each Lunch is presented in heat-sealed packaging to guarantee the absolute integrity of the food and the non-contamination of the content.

Additional Services

Supply and rental of equipment for storage, refrigeration, regeneration and cooking of the dishes ordered.


The Solution for the Business Lunch Break also during the Covid-19 season. We are the Catering Partner for the Companies busy in the reorganization process during and after the lockdown period.  We created the Food Delivery Service able to deliver Lunch Box following the health safety procedures for all the Companies in Milan, Monza and Brianza. The Service offers weekly, fortnightly or monthly agreements, with quality menus and tasty alternatives always new every day.


Our food proposal is highly customized: each menu is designed on the basis of the needs and preferences of the each individual Customer Ccompany, enhancing the seasonality of the ingredients with attention to intolerances and allergies. We directly produce hot and cold First and Second Courses, Main Dishes, Mixed Salads, Poke Bowl and Desserts. We offer Packed Lunches complete with fresh food, prepared by our Chefs, and easily eatable in different places and times, in the office as in he construction sites, in the shops as well as in the open air in total freedom.


No external delivery company

All dishes are delivered directly by our staff to the company. You are going always and only to interface with our staff trained on current coronavirus anti-diffusion procedures in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.



We use refrigerated and sanitized vans with each delivery, in line with the anti Covid-19 protocols.

Request for Catering Delivery Convention for Companies

Our Catering company has many years of experience, reliable professionals, food production and transformation structures, logistic means of transport and distribution capable of satisfying high volumes of users in total safety.

We need social distance, not fasting!

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